September 18, 2017


Knack-Gifting Service-Snuggle Bunny Gift Set-Baby Gift

Knack-Gifting Service-Snuggle Bunny Gift Set-Baby Gift

Knack-Gifting Service-Snuggle Bunny Gift Set-Baby Gift Knack-Gifting Service-Snuggle Bunny Gift Set-Baby Gift

I'm thrilled to share the exciting news that I will officially be an Aunt come January 2018!! My darling sister is expecting a baby boy and I couldn't be happier. Not many people know this, but life long dream is to be that cool Aunt - I just want to spoil them rotten and take them to Disney theme parks! I'm driving my sister crazy with all the baby stuff (I've already picked out his bed, car seat, stroller, and bedding) and I'm not even sorry about it! #AuntyLalz

Now I won't go all crazy Aunt and be talking baby stuff - yet! My sister told me on my birthday the gender of the baby - a boy - and I was over the moon. Talk about best birthday gift ever!! As soon as my sister told me I wanted to get a gift to congratulate her. Thanks to Knack they have made gifting super easy! I'm personally a huge fan of gift sets and love the idea of gifting a box of cute items instead of just one gift and Knack has a wide selection of curated gift sets for any occasion. I normally go out and build my own gift sets however with Knack each gift set is beautifully packaged and includes a complimentary custom message - making the whole process seamless and easy!

I quickly started scrolling through the baby gift set collection and fell in love with the Snuggle Bunny Gift Set. I can totally imagine taking photos of my little nephew in the adorable knit hat and sweater. My sister and brother-in-law absolutely adored the gift set and it made it all the more real that a little bundle of joy will be joining our family in the new year.

Knack has also launched an initiative to help Hurricane Harvey Survivors. You can purchase one of three curated gift boxes from their website and Knack will give the same gift to an organization supporting those impacted by the Hurricane. 100% of the proceeds from all purchases will support the relief efforts.

The boxes come in two themes with corresponding recipient groups: 

-Send a Moment of Play Knack with entertainment options for kids of all ages and the same gift will be sent to children in shelters.
-Send one of two toiletries Knacks as a gift for those displaced by the storm, and the same Knack will be sent to those adults in shelters. These Knacks, the Uplift Houston: Quick Refresh Kit and Uplift Houston: A Restful Pause, are comfort gifts for those impacted.

All proceeds from the sales of these boxes will be used to purchase more boxes for those affected. The items included are in direct response to the outcries of and needs of those impacted by the natural disaster.

The Knack packaging, which will enclose the items sent to recipients, is 100% recycled and recyclable and will not contribute to the waste efforts that the city of Houston may face. Concurrently, the Knack boxes are filled with items that are largely recycled, recyclable and that have a low carbon footprint. The products in the gifted Knacks include items from Texas-based company Bright Beam Goods and Seattle-based MiiR which has contributed to over 44 clean water and health projects worldwide.

Have a lovely day!

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