April 12, 2017

What To Wear to Orlando Theme Parks

What should you wear to a theme park? I've been to enough theme parks to be able to pack appropriately while being fashionable at a theme park all day. Here my five tips on what to wear and how to tackle to art of dressing appropriately yet fashionable at theme parks.

1. SHOES || Comfortable shoes is the most important thing in my opinion. The first thing I did for my trip to Orlando was pick out which shoes I wanted to pack. My entire outfit is based on my footwear because there is a lot of walking and standing involved at theme parks. For Epcot I was dead set on wearing my TOMS x James Goldcrown heart flats. The shoes are totally aligned with my Disney theme outfit and are super comfortable to walk in. According to my fitbit we hit 15K steps at Epcot. For the second day at Universal Studios I stuck to my trusty white converse sneakers. Many people opt for flip flops or sandals but I personally find them uncomfortable after a few hours and always manage to trip on something. I think flats or sneakers is the best and most smart footwear option to go with.

2. BACKPACK || A backpack is the way to go at theme parks. I used to take a crossbody bag but then my shoulder would hurt throughout the day. I've found backpacks to by comfortable and practical because you can fit so many things in it! I always back my DSLR on trips therefore I like that it fits in a backpack and doesn't make the bag too heave. There are many cute options for handbags this season, I've linked a bunch below.

3. SUNGLASSES || Sunnies are a must when you are outdoors for 8+ hours at a theme park. However I've heard so many stories of people losing their beloved pair of sunglasses while at a theme park. Therefore I suggest picking up an inexpensive pair that you are not attached too and don't mind scratching or losing. Also if you are traveling for a few days pack a backup pair just in case something happens to your sunglasses on day one. I've linked a few inexpensive sunglasses options

4. DRESS UP || Who can't resist dressing up at a theme park in Orlando?! I'm not saying go full out Halloween outfit but don't be afraid to pick up a few accessories to go with the theme of the day. For Epcot I picked up this adorable pair of Minnie Mouse ears that I pulled out for my selfie with Minnie and several photo ops around the park. I got so many compliments on it and lots of smiles. At the Wizarding World of Harry Potter I ordered a Gryffindor tie from Amazon. I saw a lot of people wearing this tee at the park and many fans wore straight robes to the park. I do suggest getting these accessories ahead of time from Amazon because they are cheaper. You can also find them in the parks or around Orlando shops however be read to pay double to triple the normal price.

5. ESSENTIALS || Make sure to make a few essentials in your backup. I personally always have my S'well Water Bottle, Portable Charger, Hand Sanitizer, Lotion, Lip Balm, and a few Band-Aids in my bag. The portable charger is a major key because it allows you to charge your phone and be on the go, no need to glue yourself to a wall outlet and waste time waiting on your phone to charge.

I hope these tips help you pack for your next theme park trip! If you need any advice or suggestions feel free to reach out!

Have a lovely day!

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