April 25, 2017

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

I've been chasing the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck for a while now. When I heard they were coming to Baltimore I was super excited! My girl Christina was up for the adventure and on Saturday morning we head out to The Avenue at White Marsh to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck.

Being the planner that I am I tried to find blog posts on what to expect, reviews of the menu, and any reviews. Much to my surprise there is barely anything on the Internet about the truck. I'm here to give you my honest (not sponsored) opinion on the food and experience.

I definitely underestimated the turnout and how long I would have to wait in line. The truck opened at 10am - 4 pm, or until supplies last. We got in line around 9:50am and didn't get to the window until 1pm! I know what you are thinking, yes it's insane waiting in line for 3 hours, but I did it and will I do it again? Probably not, but it was a worth it. It's one of those things you do once and move on from. I do recommend bringing snacks, coffee, and water for yourself while you wait in line because it will take a while. In reality I should have been there at 9am and maybe I could have gotten in and out by 11am, but oh well! Be prepared for lots of kids and lots of people dressing up! It was so much fun seeing how excited the little kids were for the Hello Kitty Truck!

Now onto the desserts! The menu consists of mostly desserts and adorable Hello Kitty bow shaped water bottles, mugs, and t-shirts. The mugs sold out by the time it was my turn however all the desserts were still in stock. I got the Hello Kitty Bow Water ($3), 3 Piece Cookie Set ($12), Petit 4 Cakes ($15), and 5pc Macaron Box ($15). Customers received a free tote bag with a food purchase of $25 and over.

The macarons and petit cakes were my absolute favorite and very delicious! The cookies are good too but they are basic sugar cookies with royal icing, nothing too special, except that they are really cute. The water bottle is more of a memorabilia than anything. I did find online that at some Hello Kitty Cafe Trucks they offer drinks, which I was looking forward too, but unfortunately the Baltimore location did not. My family and friends were very surprised at how tasty the cakes and macarons are, I wish I got two of the petit cakes instead of the cookies!

If you are interested in seeing where the truck will be stopping next be sure to follow along on Instagram!

|| Photos by Vasiliki Photography ||

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