April 14, 2017

Epcot Character Experience

There is so much to do at Epcot! See my detailed post on the entire park here. The last time I was at Epcot was when I was twelve years old! My parents managed to photograph me with some of the characters at the park but not all of them because we spent majority of the time going on the rides. This time around I wanted to see as many of the characters as I could and explore the World Showcase.

I did my research beforehand and located all the characters and their appearance times on the Epcot website. Majority of the characters are located around the World Showcase in the different countries. The Disney Characters - Mickey, Minnie, Goofy - are located in Future World. There is the option of fast pass for the Disney Characters, I didn't do that. We arrived at the park at 9AM and headed straight to the line for Micky, Minnie, and Goofy. The general line was only a half hour wait and before 10AM I had my photos taken with the characters. For the remainder of the day we timed our visits around the world to see all the characters. Sadly I didn't get a chance to see Snow White and Mulan but I did meet Belle and snapped a selfie with her! I asked all the characters for a selfie and they were kind enough to indulge me.

I've summarized the list of character appearances and where to find them in the park below:

Meet Alice in Wonderland in United Kingdom | Performance Time 11:30AM, 12:30PM. 1:30PM, 2:30PM, 4:20PM, 5:20PM

Meet Mary Poppins in United Kingdom | Performance Time 11AM, 12PM, 1PM, 2PM

Meet Belle in France | Performance Time 11AM, 12PM. 1PM, 2:50PM, 3:50PM, 4:50PM

Meet Princess Jasmine in Morocco | Performance Time 11:45AM, 12:45PM. 1:45PM, 2:45PM, 4:45PM, 5:45PM

Meet Snow White in Germany | Performance Time 11AM, 12PM. 1PM, 2PM, 3:50PM, 4:50PM

Meet Mulan in China | Performance Time 11AM, 12PM. 1PM, 2PM, 3:50PM, 4:50PM

Meet Elsa and Anna in Norway | Performance Time 9AM to 9PM
Meet Donald Duck in Mexico | Performance Time 12PM to 3PM, 4:10PM to 7PM

Meet Disney Pals at the Epcot Character Spot | Performance Time 9AM to 9PM

The one thing I noticed and truly enjoyed, even as an grown adult meeting all the characters, the time they took to chat with all the guests. The characters didn't break from their role once! I asked Belle for a book recommendation, Mary Poppins invited me to tea, Jasmine asked if I needed a ride on her magic carpet ride to get back home and Alice noticed my heart pattern shoes. It doesn't matter what age you are, meeting a Disney characters is a memorable experience!

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