January 5, 2017


AMC Times Square NYE Mega-Plex Party-NYE in NYC-Review of New Year's Eve Party in NYC

AMC Times Square NYE Mega-Plex Party-NYE in NYC-Review of New Year's Eve Party in NYC

AMC Times Square NYE Mega-Plex Party-NYE in NYC-Review of New Year's Eve Party in NYC AMC Times Square NYE Mega-Plex Party-NYE in NYC-Review of New Year's Eve Party in NYC

AMC Times Square NYE Mega-Plex Party-NYE in NYC-Review of New Year's Eve Party in NYC

We are only five days into the new year and I'm already doing a #tbt blog post! I'm throwing it back to the awesome NYE party my family and I attended at AMC Times Square NYE Mega-Plex Party. I really wanted to do a blog post review of the even because all the reviews I read about the AMC event was awful! Despite all the bad reviews my brother got us all tickets and we went with very low expectations. However I was thoroughly impressed with the event and all it had to offer!!

Let me start from the beginning, we purchased our tickets the Wednesday before NYE (procrastinate much?!) We purchased the Open Bar Party General Admission tickets which allow access to the 4th and 5th floor. Per our venue instructions we entered Times Square at 41st St and 8th Ave. There was a bit of a crowd, not really a line, and I realized majority of it was the general public just standing there. I scooted my way to the police officer near the barricade and mentioned we had tickets to the AMC party. Upon showing my ticket she let us easily pass through. Another set of officers checked our tickets and allowed us pass the Times Square barricades. Once at the entrance of AMC theatre (around 7:45pm) there was barely a line and we got in super easy! We went through bag inspection and then made our way to the 4th floor.

As soon as we got to the 4th floor we made our way to coat check, the line was rather long, but god bless the AMC employee who kept saying there is another coat check on the 5th floor. I forced my group to make the trip up to the 5th floor, and thankfully there was no line! Coat check was five dollar, cash only, a person. Once we were all check in, about 8:15pm, there was another employee that there was food being served in Theatre 14. We instantly went into the theater and grabbed food. The food consisted of an assortment of cold appetizers and hot foods. To be honest the hot food kept running out quickly and replenished a bit slowly. By 9:15pm I want to say the hot food was finished however there was still a good amount of veggies, cheese, fruit, and cold warps left. Therefore the reviews that stated the food ran out had a point. However if you get there early then this won't be an issue.

Throughout the night there were select movies playing in the theaters. We managed to catch a bit of La La Land....but not really because we wanted to explore the venue. There was an open bar, a DJ playing all night long along - my favorite was the DJ on the 4th floor - it was lit! As far as seating goes, one option was sitting in movie theaters, the second was purchasing Seated VIP tickets. Honestly it just depends what you prefer. Some people enjoyed having a designated table and chairs all night long and some preferred moving around. I did see a few extra folding chairs randomly around the movie theatre that people were utilizing. The staff at the venue were extremely kind and went out of their way to accommodate requests. I also really enjoyed the crowd and vibe of the event - there were people of all ages and everyone was just having a blast!!

On the fourth floor there is designated smoking terrace. This terrace also allows a glimpse of the Times Square NYE ball being dropped. From my pictures you can see the view - the photos are not zoomed in and were taken with my 50mm prime lens. For the individuals with VIP tickets they had access to the 5th floor terrace - which I can attest is really is the same view because we went on the 5th terrace balcony after midnight to check out the view. The only thing that was missing was all the confetti in the air from the ball drop! After the ball drop the DJ continued to play tunes and there was a ton of popcorn going around.

All in all I was really happy that we chose this event to attend and it really surpassed all my expectations. I was able to dress up, didn't have to stand in the cold to view the ball drop, spent time with my family and enjoyed a fun and safe NYE in NYC.

I hope this detailed review helps you in making your NYE plans in NYC!

Thanks for stopping by!

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