December 29, 2016

Goodbye 2016 // Hello 2017

Goodby 2016, Hello 2017! Taking a look back at some fashion moments that happened on the blog this year! I enjoy taking a look back at the various looks and seeing my many looks from the past year. There is no doubt that my style is feminine, classic, and sparkly! Click through the photos to see the original post. A huge shoutout to my girl boss photographers Katie, Christina, and Alixzina who I worked with throughout the year, I enjoyed every minute of collaborating with you love ladies. Also a big thanks to my darling siblings for putting up with me and snapping photos - especially my lil bro! 

Thank you to all my readers and followers for ALL the support and love. I appreciate all your comments, likes, messages, and e-mails! They mean the world to me! Without you none of this would be possible!! Lots of love!

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