October 13, 2016

Paint Nite

Baltimore Paint Nite

Baltimore Paint Nite

Paint Nite events are all the rage these days! I've seen many Facebook posts, Instagrams, and snapchats of my friends signing up for Paint Nite across the country. This past Tuesday my friend Katie and I signed up for a Paint Nite class at Hightopps Backstage Grill near Baltimore. The painting we signed up for, Melancholia, was categorized as moderate. I am going to be completely honest and preface this post with that I have zero artistic abilities, absolutely none, I can barely draw shapes and doodle. Therefore I was extremely nervous going into this class because I am a perfectionist!

Nonetheless the event was a blast! Our instructor Megan is a gem, she was hilarious and walks you through the whole painting process. I have to say that the class was a lot of fun and taught me a lot! I was able to relax and enjoy the night and didn't stress too much about my artwork or having it be perfect. Katie definitely kept me entertained the whole night. I highly recommend signing up for the class with friends or family, it makes it all the more memorable. 

If you live in the Baltimore area check out Paint Nite Baltimore on Facebook for their upcoming events to sign up or search here to find an event in your area!

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