August 16, 2016

Iran Packing Guide | Summer Edition

Packing for a trip to Iran used to be a nightmare for me. It's the one place I travel to that I have no control over my day to day activities. On other trips I generally have an itinerary planned out with the activities I will be doing and from there I know what to pack and how to dress. This is not the case when I travel to Iran therefore it makes it a bit more complicated to back efficiently for a two week trip. However I have managed to create an organized system to pack efficiently for my trip and leave room in my bags to stock up on goodies for the way back!

Today I'm sharing my method on packing for a summer trip to Iran. Now full disclosure this trip was mainly for my sister's wedding therefore I had 2 evening gowns, heels, and boatload of MAC makeup I had to take with me. Sadly I was not able to take many pictures the day of the wedding in my Maid of Honor dress but I was able to snap pictures for the second event, see here. I managed to save room in my suitcase by wearing the same heels for both events which was perfect because I only wore the heels for those two events and for nothing else!

As a general rule I stick to 3 pairs of shoes; tennis shoes, sandals, and dressy wedges. In Iran women have to abide by a dress code of wearing "manto" which is basically equivalent to a tunic, trench, or duster that is at least knee length. The styles always change and hemlines have become a little shorter and less restrictive. I always follow The Tehran Times Instagram to stay up to date with the latest fashion. This time around dusters were still in therefore I packed about 4-5 various colors and styles on my trip. I picked this white one from White House Black Market the day before my trip and absolutely loved it! In addition I ordered this lightweight cardi/coat one from H&M in green. In addition I anticipated high temps and hot weather therefore I packed these cotton scarves from Vela to keep cool - best.idea.ever. I couldn't stand wearing any other type of scarf while sightseeing and running errands. I also picked up a few new scarves while I was in Tehran from my favorite shops.

In the handbag department I packed two bags - this tote and this Kate Spade satchel. The tote was perfect for my trip! It's extremely roomy and I was able to fit just about everything I needed. The satchel was my going out bag that I used occasionally for fancier occasions. Majority of the time I had my tote on me because I could fit my camera, water, extra pair of shoes, etc. 

I hope this posts helps with packing tips. If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out!

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