September 1, 2015

AM Skincare Routine

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A few years back I shared my Skincare Routine on the blog and received such positive feedback from everyone. Since then I've switched up a few things therefore wanted to share an updated version of my skincare routine. 

Today I'm sharing my morning skincare routine!

Fashion; Modesty; Fashion Blog; Fall Beauty; Fall Makeup; Nars; Urban Decay Smokey; Stila Beso; MAC Rebel; Beautifal Fall

A little background on my skin - I have normal skin with the typical oily t-zones. In the winter months I'm more on the dry side. However travel and constant climate change take a toll on my skin - I can see and feel it! That is why I stick to my skincare routine and never skimp on it. I'm very regimen when it comes to my skincare because I'm all about the preventative care as opposed to dealing with issues that occur.

1. Clarisonic - Mia: I've been using a Clarisonic for 2.5 years now! It was revolutionized my skin in my opinion. I'm still using my Mia brush and it's going strong - I'm thinking about updating to the Mia 2 but honestly it makes no difference. This brush is clinically proven to get rid of six times more dirt than manual washing. I generally use it in the evening but in the summer months I use it twice a day.
2. Cleanser - Philosophy Purity: This cleanser is hands down the best! It's gentle, effective, and leaves your skin super clean. Purity has been on the Allure Best of Beauty list for years. It removes all your make-up - even mascara - and cleanses your pores like no other! I've gotten everyone in my family to use this cleanser.
3. Toner - Christian Dior Peony Extract: A toner is a must when it comes to skincare. The purpose of a toner is to restore your skin's pH balance. Before using the Dior toner I was using the Clinique one - thanks to my trustee Sephora skin consultant - he told me to NEVER use Clinique toner! The reason being that it dries your skin out because it's basically like putting rubbing alcohol on your skin. Since then I've used the Dior Peony Extract Toner which is fabulous - it smells lovely too! If you have oily skin I would recommend using this one.
4. Serum - Peter Thomas Roth VIZ 1000 and Skin Inc: Including a serum in your skincare routine is essential to have your skin retain moisturize. I've been using the PTR VIZ 1000 for a solid three years. Recently I've incorporated Skin Inc into my routine. Read all about Skin Inc in a post I wrote here. I switch it up between the two serums depending on my environment - if I'm traveling, weather, stress level etc.
5. Moisturizer - First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: I am obsessed with First Aid Beauty! After my trip to Costa Rica I got horrible sun burn and to remedy the situation I took a trip to Sephora. The skin consultant gave me a sample and since then I haven't stopped using it. My skin is no longer dry and my skin texture has improved immensely. If you have oily skin First Aid Beauty has a gel moisturizer as well. 
6. Sunscreen - Supergoop! and Coola: SPF SPF SPF. I have been told numerous times to use sunscreen while I'm young or else I will regret it. Last year I made the decision to incorporate sunscreen in my skincare routine. Even though the tinted moisturizer I use - Laura Mercier - has SPF 20 in it, I use a separate sunscreen. Since last year I've been on the hunt for a non-greasy, not so chalky SPF. I received Supergoop as a Birchbox sample and I LOVE it!! It meets all my requirements and I've been using it for quite some time. My new recent favorite is Coola - another sample I received. Both are great sunscreens to add to your skincare routine!

Be sure to check next week! I will be sharing my Nighttime Skincare Routine!

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