August 26, 2015

Get to Know

You may have noticed that there has been a few cosmetic changes to the blog as well as my Instagram. I've recently added a "Shop" tab on A Day In The Lalz as well as enabling my Instagram photos with which allows you to shop my look directly in your inbox via email! 
Here is a little more info on how these changes work!


From the homepage of the blog you can see the newly added SHOP tab. Once in the SHOP page you can see everything from clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, and beauty products. All the images are clickable and take you directly to the retailers site. I will be updating the SHOP page every Sunday with in stock items that I like/love/have my eye on from a range of retailers. Basically I will gladly troll the inter web for you and pick all the best in season items for you to shop!

All the images are clickable and takes you directly to the retailers site to allow you to view the item and purchase it.

How does work?

1) Register and create an account at
2) "Like" my photos on Instagram that are enabled
3) Outfit details will be delivered to your inbox via email (you can set your preference of receiving e-mails once a day or with every "like")

In a nut shell allows followers to shop the look of a blogger instantly and eliminates the hassle of trying to search and find the item online. It also allows fashion bloggers to link and share similar items to their followers instantaneously. Additionally I found a few blog posts that also help explain what is and the perks of using it (here, here, and here).

I hope this post helps to better understand and encourages you to utilize it. Be sure to keep up with my looks on Instagram @adayinthelalz!

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