June 11, 2015

Iran | Tehran - Part 4

On the last day in Tehran we shopped till we dropped! 
I have a few favorite stores that I always go to when I'm in town to stalk up on souvenirs and goodies.   I always visit Tavazo to buy edible goodies for myself and souvenirs. My favorite is the dried fruit, lavoshak (fruit roll-up), and pashmaak (cotton candy). In addition to the food items bought I bought few scarves, a ring, and my sister bought a Kamancheh which is an Iranian musical instrument.

Ring from Pasargad

Scarves from T. Pood

Kamancheh from Hesar

Since there isn't really websites for me to link back to in order to share where i made the purchases from I'm sharing a photo snap of the business cards of all the stores. The store I get my scarves from (T. Pood) is my all time fav store in all of Tehran! They have the best collection and very reasonably priced. I have numerous scarves from them and I always go back for more - I highly recommend them!

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