May 22, 2015

Friend Feature Friday | Bahareh

Meet this week's Friend Feature Friday Bahareh Farshneshani from Maryland! 

My friendship with Bahar began online via Facebook. As we like to tell people we online dated for about 4 years before we actually met in person! We had a ton of mutual friends between Maryland and Michigan therefore we became friends online and formed a long distance relationship. When I moved to Maryland our friendship grew stronger and there isn't a day that goes by that we do not snapchat each other. Our friendship has transformed into basically being family and we are family to the point that Bahar was the officiant at my dog and her sister's doggie wedding. We share a mutual love for food, travel, fashion, and all things Instagram related. Bahar is the sweetest person I know and always sees the good in people.  I call her my little sister although at times she is way more mature than I am and wiser beyond her years. Just last week she graduated from Pharmacy school and is officially a PharmD! I am extremely proud of her and her accomplishments and can't wait to see her shine and accomplish big things!
Keep reading and get to know Bahar!

1) Educational Background?

B.S. from University of Maryland, 2010
Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, 2015

2) Current Job Title?


3) Zodiac Sign? 


4) Ethnic Background?

Persian American

5) Why did you choose or why do you love your profession/field of study?

The major reason I chose to pursue a career in pharmacy is because I want to help people get well. By providing pharmaceutical care, I work with prescribers in choosing the best medication for patients, help patients avoid side effects and provide non-drug services such as immunizations, asthma care, blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol screening, diabetes disease management, smoking cessation consultation and bone density scans for osteoporosis screening (just to name a few!) I also love that you can do so many things with a PharmD degree. You can work in the hospital setting, community setting, industry, federal government and teach!

6) What is the most rewarding thing about your profession/field of study?

The most rewarding part of pharmacy is when patients and family members sincerely thank me for making a difference in their life. One small example is when I saved one of my low-income patients hundreds of dollars by simply changing one of her medications from brand to generic.  She later came to me and told me she could now afford more groceries for her family.

7) What is your 5-year goal?

My five-year goal is to precept students and give back to the pharmacy community. I personally benefitted from well-known mentors in the profession and I hope I can help inspire students the same way. 

8) What are your hobbies or interests outside of your profession/work?

Outside of school, I enjoy learning about various cultures- mainly through food. I am a foodie. I love to try new restaurants and new cuisines. I also like to read travel blogs, so I can plan a new and exciting trip to explore a culture authentically!

9) Favorite Website? 

10) Favorite TV Show? 

The Wire - hands down the best show about Baltimore!

11) Next travel destination? 

Capetown, South Africa- I would love to go on a safari while I am there. Also the Amalfi Coast, Italy- somewhere picturesque that has been on my list for a while.

12) Who is your style icon?

Kate Middleton- She is classy, conservative, elegant and chic. Who wouldn’t want to dress like a princess?

13) What are 3 wardrobe staples you can’t live without?

Sperry- they are versatile and not just for sailing. I can wear them with any casual outfit and they are very comfortable. Earrings- they can accentuate your face even when you don’t have make-up on, and they add a feminine touch. A neutral trench coat- They are a fantastic cover up, can be dressed up or down, suitable to throw on for a cool evening or to layer for super cold days, they work across all seasons!

14) Three words that describe your style or personality?

Positive, chic, and timeless.

15) What would you tell your 20 year old self?

I would tell her to be more assertive and practice saying “no”. I used to confuse saying “no” with negativity. However, I now realize that it is an important life skill to graciously declare where you stand. 

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Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees. - Rumi

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  1. do u have a boyfriend bahar. Love to see u u r soo beautiful wud u ever like to come in india



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