April 2, 2015

Sizdeh Bedar

Happy Sizdeh (13) Bedar to all my Persians who celebrate!
Sizdeh Bedar takes place on the 13th day of the Persian New Year and marks the last of the celebrations for Nowouz. It is customary to celebrate Sizdeh Bedar by spending the day outdoors picnicking with family and friends. Lettuce and sekanjabin are traditionally served during sizdeh bedar. The lettuce is dipped in the sekanjabin - kind of like veggies & dip. Sekanjabin is a syrup made of vinegar and honey - very refreshing taste and perfect for spring!

A custom of Sizdeh Bedar is to take the Sabzeh from the Haft Seen and throw it in a stream of water. This act symbolizes throwing away the negativity from one's home. Another tradition of Sizdeh Bedar is for single girls to tie a knot with the sabzeh and make a wish to find a husband in the coming year just before throwing it into the stream of water - this is just tradition - there is a lack of factual evidence to prove this theory!

Have a lovely day!

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