March 18, 2015

Festival of Fire [Chahar-Shanbeh Suri]

 Jacket: NIMANY | Sweater: The Limited (old) | Jeans: The Limited | Scarf: Vela | Shoes: Converse | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Watch: Michael Kors | Sunnies: Cole Haan | Flash Tattoos: Zahra | Lips: YSL #17

On the eve of the last Wednesday of the year it is Persian custom to celebrate by lighting bonfires and jumping over fire. This tradition is known as "Chahar-shanbe Suri" which translates to Red Wednesday. The tradition includes jumping over fire and chanting: 

"Sorkhi-ye Toh Az Man, Zardi-ye Man Az Toh." 

This phrase translates to "Give me your beautiful red color, and take back my sickly pallor!" The significance of the phrase is that you want the fire to take your problems and sickness and in turn give you warmth and energy in the new year. The festival is celebrated on Tuesday night to make sure all the bad spirits are chased away.

Happy fire jumping!

Photos Taken By: Sameeraa SZ

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