February 17, 2015

Smithsonian | National Museum of American History

In continuation of visiting all the Smithsonian museums in DC (first post here). The second Smithsonian museum my bestie and I visited was the National Museum of American History. The exhibits pictures are Food, America on the Move, Stories on Money, Doll's House, A Room of Her OwnAmerican StoriesStar Spangled Banner, The First Ladies, and The American Presidency. In addition to these exhibits we visited Rising Up however photos were not allowed. I've visited The First Ladies exhibition about three times already - those gowns never get old! It was my first time actually going through the entire museum. I had a blast because I'm all about American pop culture and history - I am filled with useless information - therefore it was great going through all the exhibitions. In particular I truly enjoyed the Star Spangled Banner. Photos of the flag are not allowed  however it is definitely worth visiting! The exhibition was stunning and I really enjoyed it. 

Have you been to the National Museum of American History? What is your favorite exhibit?

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