February 20, 2015

Friend Feature Friday | Mina

Meet this week's Friend Feature Friday Mina Zeinali from Michigan!

I have known Mina for a solid 5 years now. She moved to Ann Arbor back in 2010 and I saw her at a Yalda party and we just clicked! My mom instantly adopted her as a daughter and my sister and her fell in love and became besties, and Felfel loves all the cuddles and kisses she gives him. In addition to her intelligence and fascinating work - she is super smart and is making strides in research related to tumor cells - she is the sweetest, genuine, and kindest person I know. She shares my love of travel, food, and photography! In addition she is always up for my crazy adventures - no questions asked. Mina is such a loyal friend that I can't even begin to explain all the times I have been able to lean on her for support. Did I also mention she has great taste in fashion and happens to take majority of my blog pictures? Yeah she's amazing! I am extremely fortunate to have her in my life and call her a friend.
Keep reading and get to know Mina!

1) Educational Background?

B.S. in Biology from Islamic Azad University, Iran, 2004
M.S. in Biotechnology from Hochschule Mannheim (Manheim University of Applied Sciences), Germany, 2010

2) Current Job Title?

Doctoral Candidate, Medical Department, University of Heidelberg, Germany, 2011-present

3) Zodiac Sign?


4) Ethnic Background?


5) Why did you choose or why do you love your profession/field of study?

The research I am conducting is related to tumor cells in the hopes of finding easier and faster diagnosis tools and finally cure for cancer. We are developing microfluidic devices for isolating and studying circulating tumor cells (CTCs) as related to metastasis, the cause of over 90% of cancer related deaths (#HopeToCureCancer)Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are rare cells shed from the primary tumor that can be found in the blood stream. To isolate them is an elusive goal: they are present at a frequency of as low as only one CTC in one billion blood cells. However, it is these target cells that may provide clinically useful answers to questions such as "what cells are capable of metastasis?" and "how do we stop them? "We use microfluidic devices to detect CTCs in the blood, characterize the cell populations that are able to spread, and study the microenvironmental cues needed to sustain and grow tumor metastases. Through a wide variety of separation techniques and materials, we are making strides towards understanding the biology behind tumor metastasis and using CTCs as a prognostic tool in the clinical setting. Currently I am a visiting research scholar at the University of Michigan and continuing my PhD and research in this field

6) What is the most rewarding thing about your profession/field of study?


7) What is your 5-year goal?


8) What are your hobbies or interests outside of your profession/work?

Cooking, Photography, Jewelry Making, and loving art in general

9) Favorite Website? 

10) Favorite TV Show? 

Downton Abbey, Scandal, & Shark Tank

11) Next travel destination? 

Costa Rica & Iran

12) Who is your style icon?

I have my own style, but I like Olivia Pope's taste on Scandal!

13) What are 3 wardrobe staples you can’t live without?

 I can live without anything but the only thing I can't live without is COLOR!

14) Three words that describe your style or personality?

I'm beyond 3 words but if I must choose - Foodie Lover, Photographer, and Jewelry Maker

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“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” - Rumi

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