February 6, 2015

Friend Feature Friday | Autefeh

Meet this week's Friend Feature Friday Autefeh Sajjadi from California!

I have known Autefeh since we were little kids! We never lived near each other or grew up in the same state however ironically I grew up with her cousins who also lived in Ann Arbor. In addition my family is close friends with her two Aunts who also live in MI - so basically we are family! She is the sweetest, bubbliest, and pretty much the coolest person I know - she snowboards, skateboards, went to Berkeley, currently in med school at the moment and is super stylish! She is my favorite Cali girl who always has a big smile on her face. Her laughter is contagious and she is full of life! I can brag about her for days. 
Keep reading and get to know Autefeh!

1) Educational Background?

B.A. in Integrative Biology and Global Poverty from University of California Berkeley
M.S. in Medical Sciences from Ponce Health Sciences University

2) Current Job Title?

Full time medical student

3) Zodiac Sign? Age?

Aquarius, 23

4) Ethnic Background?


5) Why did you choose or why do you love your profession/field of study?

Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to become a surgeon. Growing up as a daredevil child, I watched numerous surgeons carefully put me back together after reckless stunts, and every time I fell deeper in love with the capabilities of the human body. I think that the human body is truly one of the most amazing designs, and I look forward to spending my future endlessly learning more about not only how it functions, but how I can help it heal.

6) What is the most rewarding thing about your profession/field of study?

I’m still in the non-stop studying phase of becoming a physician, but I look forward to the day I can positively change someone’s life. There is something truly beautiful in the art of healing, and I am excited to have found a profession that I truly love, where I can practice my heart as much as my mind.

7) What is your 5-year goal?

In five years I will hopefully be done with medical school and in my first few years of surgical residency!

8) What are your hobbies or interests outside of your profession/work?

I am interested in all things adrenaline related, which means I spend a lot of time outdoors! I also love spending my free time snowboarding, kayaking, stargazing, and chasing sunsets. Oh and shopping of course!

9) Favorite Website? 

10) Favorite TV Show? 

New Girl and Modern Family

11) Next travel destination? 

Thailand and Southeast Asia 

12) Who is your style icon?

You can never go wrong with Coco Chanel!

13) What are 3 wardrobe staples you can’t live without?

A simple long-sleeve flowy black blouse, the perfect high-waisted black jeans (stretchy, of course), and Black Ankle Booties (the majority of my closet is black)! I love wearing all black because I can throw on a bold statement necklace, or a bright colorful scarf.

14) Three words that describe your style or personality?

Outgoing, Compassionate, and Dedicated

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“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”  - Rumi


  1. Wow such a small world my family are very close friends with her parents 😄

    1. That's crazy! I truly believe in six degrees of separation!



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