February 26, 2015

Florida Keys | Day 4

Day 4 Itinerary 
  • Sunrise at Cheeca Lodge & Spa
    • My friend Mina & I were adamant on waking up to catch the sunrise. Since we slacked off the first few days we made sure to set about five alarms to catch the sunrise on our last morning at the resort. It was a tad windy and overcast but nonetheless we caught an exceptional sunrise. There is something incredibly peaceful and serene about waking up early and walking along the water. I just love it. 
  • Breakfast at Cafê Moka in Tavernier 
    • My sister found this place which we stopped by in the morning to grab some caffeine and croissants at before hitting the road back to Miami. She read a ton of reviews on yelp and FB about the croissants - they were on point!
  • Lunch at Shake Shack in Miami
    • We enjoyed a ton of seafood while in the Keys. However once I heard that the Shake Shack in Miami serves Creekstone Farms burgers it was on the top of my to do list! I love me a good burger and Shake Shack did not disappoint.
  • Shopping on Lincoln Road
    • After lunch we walked the streets and did a little shopping here and there. My sister and I also did a throwback to our Miami trip (here) and took a picture in front of the very fountain we took photos back in 2010.
  • Tourist Drive down Ocean Drive in Miami
    • My mama has never been to Miami therefore we obliged her in a drive down Ocean Drive to take a look at the scene at wave at the Versace Mansion before heading to the airport to catch our flight.
I must say I really enjoyed my time in the Florida Keys - it was extremely relaxing! Now I understand the appeal and why all my friends go to Key West for spring break. Next time I would definitely love to stay the entire time in Key West and enjoy all the delicious food they offer down there!

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