January 23, 2015

Friend Feature Friday | Ambereen

Meet this week's Friend Feature Friday Ambereen Husain from Maryland!

Amber is my Midwest soul sister! I'm not sure why we didn't cross paths in the Midwest but thankfully we met when I moved to Maryland! She fully understands my irrational obsession with Bravo (Shahs of Sunset and all the Real Housewives) and supports my ridiculous fashion adventures. Amber is no stranger to my blog - she's made an appearance on my blog (here) modeling dresses styled by Hakeemah of Cover Me Beautiful and when she is not busy being a wife, mommy, baker, and everything in between she manages to take my blog photos (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)! Seriously the term domestic goddess is the only way to describe this beautiful soul. With Amber what you see is what you get - she is real - and I love that about her because that is very rare to find in a friend. She is full of life and always has a positive outlook on things. She is up for anything and I can always count on her wisdom although mine is questionable (pancakes). Amber is such a rare gem and I am truly grateful to have her in my life.
Keep reading and get to know Ambereen!

1) Educational Background?

B.S. in International Relations from Roosevelt University in Chicago.

2) Current Job Title?

Virtual Executive Assistant, Wife, Mommy, Amateur Baker, and Pinterest Enthusiast 

3) Zodiac Sign? Age?

Pisces, 30

4) Ethnic Background?

Pakistani & Polish - my father is from Karachi, Pakistan & my mother is second-generation Polish American

5) Why did you choose or why do you love your profession/field of study?

When I started my college path, I thought I would be a pharmacist. My dad was one, and I had worked as a tech for years. I realized though, that I was more passionate about current world affairs than chemistry, and hence switched majors to study International Relations which included history, political science, counter terrorism, economics as well as a focus on South Asian studies. 

6) What is the most rewarding thing about your profession/field of study?

 I had the privilege to work at the Consulate General of Pakistan, Chicago while I was studying. While there, I helped organize and help host many diplomatic events, and meet many diplomats from all over the world, community activists, and local/international government officials. Getting to meet people from all over the world opened my eyes to many cultures. Now, as a virtual executive assistant, I have the flexibility of working from home (and have my son at home with me), but also staying in my field. My boss is a former UN diplomat and a leader in the fields of nutrition, girl’s education and food security. Working for her has kept me active on many current international issues, as well as introduced me to fascinating people and organizations across the globe.

7) What is your 5-year goal?

This is always hard for me to say. I have so many goals, and things I want to achieve in the next five years. For now, I love the ability to work from home while having my 18 month old around. In five years though, I would love to be a homeowner, the gift of being a mother again, and probably a mini van owner! 

8) What are your hobbies or interests outside of your profession/work?

I love to cook and bake, and attempt DIY projects. I also love to travel and attempt to learn new languages. For fun, I started selling my baked goods with an at home bakery, Ambrosial Bakery (focusing on cupcakes and macarons). I also belong to a women’s organization, The Soroptimists of Upper Montgomery County, MD. We focus on improving the lives of women and girls. Soroptimist clubs receive assistance in their volunteer efforts by participating locally in programs developed and sponsored by the Soroptimist organization.

Delicious Ambrosial Bakery goodies! A Chicago native implanted in Maryland, Ambereen is a proud Poli-Pak (Polish and Pakistani) whose love of baking started in childhood. Her tasty treats will fancy every sugar lover out there!

9) Favorite Website? 

10) Favorite TV Show? 

Shark Tank! I am always intrigued at what people can imagine to make or offer, and when they walk away with a deal for it, I always say, “I could have done/thought of that!” 

11) Next travel destination? 

Abu Dhabi, Dallas, and Chicago

12) What are 3 wardrobe staples you can’t live without?

Dress jeans, leather-accent pieces, and Sperry loafer shoes

13) Three words that describe your style or personality?

Positive, Optimistic, and Sophisticated 

14) What would you tell your 20 year old self?

This is a great question! My early twenties especially, seems to be so long ago! What I can say, for me at least, is that I would say be confident. I was super sensitive, and peoples words or actions would weigh heavily on me. Also, I would say respect yourself--- don't settle for something that doesn't feel right just because it is convenient. Finally, I would say stay focused. There is so much going on in your twenties between school, and career and relationships. It is so easy to lose yourself and what you want to do, so keep your eye on the prize. 

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"Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart." -Rumi

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