January 19, 2015


I was contemplating whether or not to do a blog post today. Majority of the things I blog about are up beat, happy, and silly. But today is a sad day because it marks the 10th anniversary of my beloved father passing away. I sit here sharing this personal day and moment of my life so publicly because this is life. Life isn't perfect as seen on social media, life isn't pretty with a bow on it at all times - life is messy. Dealing with the loss of my father at a young age was rough. However my family and I were fortunate enough to prepare for it and this was a the greatest blessing in disguise. My father battle colon cancer for 4 years before he ultimately passed away. Around Christmas time is when it became terminal and he went into hospice care. My family and I had about three weeks to prepare and fully grasp the situation. It was a hard time for me - hearing that your dad is not going to live any longer is not something you expect to hear or deal with as a teenager. In the remaining days I spent with him I cherished every moment, talked for hours, and were surrounded by family and friends. I remember being sad but at the same time I felt comfort due to the amount of love I received by our family and friends.
 My dad was a wonderful man who taught me many valuable lessons in the short but sweet 15 years of my life he was present. My mother says I am very much my father's daughter - I inherited his love for life, adventure, travel, photography, arguing (I'm never wrong), laughter, goofiness, and his looks. 

His motto was Live, Love, Learn, & Leave a Legacy. 
He lived life to the fullest, loved wholeheartedly, always yearned to learn (he has five degrees), and left a profound legacy. 
To learn more about my father's legacy please visit here.

"I am a bird, and this body was my cage, 
Whence I have now floron forth and it is left as a token
Praise to God, who hath now set me free 
And prepared for me my place in the highest of the heaven."


  1. Very sweet and touching post. May Allah have mercy on him



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