December 18, 2014

#TBT | Kish Island

This week's #ThrowBackTravel is Kish Island in the Persian Gulf. I've been to Kish only twice - first in August 2001 when it just beginning to develop, and the second time in November 2011. Traveling to Kish is such a unique and fun trip - it's completely different than being on the main land of Iran. This trip was particular special because it was a girls trip with my mom's side of the family.

The first day consisted of exploring all the shopping malls. Kish is notorious for all the shopping malls - it's a thing - there is legit a mall on every block! I got a kick out of the knock-off stores such as Ikea for example. I found it hilarious that all the menus at restaurants contained pictures therefore you knew what you were getting and there was no surprise when your order came out!

Day two consisted of spending the day at the beach. Since Kish is part of Iran - the beaches are separated for men and women. Therefore we got our tan on! Also it has to be said that the beach consists of white sand, crystal clear water, and a ton of colorful sea creatures. I'm not a big water person - but I definitely enjoyed seeing all the colorful fish from the beach. 
In the evening we went to Kariz-e-Kish [Underground City]. My Aunt was raving about the place and insisted we go - she was right! It was so much fun exploring the this underground place! For dinner we went on a boat cruise which was loads of fun! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on board and for the life of me can't remember which one it was. 

The third day consisted of more beach time, shopping, and relaxing. In the evening we went to view the sunset at the Greek Ship. In addition to sunset watching we rode a camel - Haifa - was his name. I was having a Real Housewives of New York moment circa Morocco. 

The last day we visited the Dariush Grand Hotel and explored the grounds. The hotel is designed as an ode to Persepolis. If you are not staying at the hotel then you can pay an entrance fee to explore the grounds and checkout the lobby. It's really pretty and very ornate. I've been to Persepolis in Shiraz before and it's safe to say being at the hotel does transport you to that time.

Kish is such a blast and always fun to go to! 
The weather is beautiful, the water is crystal clear, the shopping is unreal, and the food is  just divine! 

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