October 28, 2014

Texas | Houston

This past weekend I traveled to Houston with my sister and friends for a wedding. It was short weekend trip however we managed to schedule in some great dining experiences! The first night we had dinner at Kasra Persian Grill. Are you surprised? Persian people always go to Persian restaurants when its an option. The food was delicious! 

The next morning we had brunch at MKT Bar which is located in Phoenicia Specialty Foods. I legit found this place on Instagram when searching for Halal food in Houston. I have a knack for finding things on Instagram and forcing people to follow me on my adventures. Thankfully this place was legit and the food was delicious! If I lived in Houston I would only eat at MKT Bar. The food was on point! Even the coffee was delicious. We ordered the Knefe Jbneh, Black Pepper Waffle, Hill Country Fried Chicken & Waffles, and Fresh Fruit Waffles. Basically - food coma!

The second day we had brunch at Batanga - thanks to May for the awesome pick! It was a tapas style restaurant which had a delicious brunch menu. We ordered a bunch of things which included Patatas Batanga, Chickpea Puree, Marinated Beet Salad, Chilaquilles, and Vanilla Pancakes. The Vanilla Pancakes were delectable. They just melted in your mouth! The caramelized bananas were to die for. 

After brunch we went on a bit of a adventure to find Adickes Sculpturworx Studio in order to see the 35-foot tall statues of The Beatles. From my Internet research there should have been dozens of presidential busts as well - however sadly there was only two headless busts. Therefore we decided it was a great idea to climb the busts and be statues for all of 2 minutes. I thought it was great - my sister was not amused. We called it a day and got some froyo after!

Houston was short - mostly because our priority was the wedding and didn't plan for sightseeing. However we managed to hit up some delicious food joints and go on a small presidential adventure. 
Till next time Texas!

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