September 8, 2014


Labor day weekend was a non stop party at our house. My siblings were in town, our friends and family all came out to the Midwest, and we decided to have one last hurrah of the summer. For no known reason my sister and I decided to throw a sunflower theme party. As usual I was in charge of the dessert table. To go with the theme I ordered this beautiful Sunflower Garland from Etsy. The Brownie Sunflowers were a simple dessert to go with the theme. My favorite brownies are the triple chocolate mix from Costco - yes they are boxed brownies and they are delicious! Once I made the brownies I cut them into little circles using a cookie cutter and placed them in these yellow blossoms baking cups from Michael's. The flower shaped Mini Lemon Curd Tarts were actually super easy to make! I followed the exact recipe and they came out delicious!
Now on to planning a fall harvest party! Oh the possibilities! Happy Monday!

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