June 10, 2014

Sheherzadeh Restaurant | Toronto

If you follow me on Instagram you know by now I was in Ireland last week. I will be blogging all about my travels soon! Before heading to Ireland my mom and I drove to Toronto. We had lunch at Sheherzadeh Restaurant in downtown Toronto. Shehrzadeh is an adorably traditionally decorated Persian restaurant  I was on a mission to go to Sheherzadeh to have their Dizi (Abgoosht) for lunch! For non-Iranians Dizi is a very popular and traditional Persian dish. As described on the menu - Dizi is:

"This is one of the most popular dishes in Iran, prepared and served in clay or stone pots called ‘Dizi’; It is a stew of lamb shank, lamb rib, chickpeas, white beans, potato, onion, tomato and spices cooked for over 4 hours Abgoosht forms a complete 2-course meal: first the broth is carefully strained from the pot into a soup bowl. The broth is sipped as a soup and often soaked with torn pieces of barbary flatbread in a style called tareed’ (the slang version is tileet). The meat and the beans are then pounded into a coarse puree to be scooped up with flatbread and eaten with fresh scallions, creamy yogurt and torshi."

This was probably the best Dizi I have ever had. My mom was over the moon about it and she is a harsh critic when it comes to Persian food! If you are a fan of Dizi and in the Toronto area I highly recommend going to Shehrzadeh and trying their food! They also have a sister restaurant next door - Pomegranate - which I have been to and has delicious food as well! 

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  1. It looks delicious bah bah bah.
    And the restaurant looks very cozy and cute.





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