June 23, 2014

Elevation Burger | Ann Arbor

I am beyond excited to share with you all the best thing has possibly happened in Ann Arbor - Elevation Burger! When I moved out to Maryland for grad school I was hooked on Elevation Burger because there was an EB near campus and I would go all the time for my dose of burger love. When I cam back to Ann Arbor for the summer I heard through a friend that Elevation Burger had opened in Ann Arbor last summer. I was over the moon to say the least!

Last week I had the chance to sit down with the owner of Ann Arbor's Elevation Burger - Michael Tayter. Mike is an Ann Arbor native himself who went to school at University of Michigan and studied business. I asked him what led him to opening Elevation Burger in Ann Arbor. He stated that while living in Texas - where there are a few EB locations - he aspired to open a EB restaurant. However he wanted to open a location in Ann Arbor because Ann Arbor is home. When he and his wife moved back to Ann Arbor Mike pursued his goal and opened Elevation Burger on Washtenaw Ave just pass Arborland Mall.

Elevation Burger's philosophy is to provide and serve it's customers with fresh, flavorful, and high quality food and ingredients. They're meat comes from ethical grass-fed farm which is organic and halal! Yes HALAL! EB offers a variety of food options to accommodate all dietary needs with options such as vegetarian, organic, gluten free fries, paleo, and lettuce wraps. 

To accommodate the Muslim community last year Mike offered extended hours during the month of Ramadan for Muslims. He will be doing the same this year when Ramadan starts at the end of the week. This is a wonderful opportunity for Muslims in Ann Arbor because very few halal places stay open late during Ramadan. Therefore Ann Arbor locals don't need to make the long drive to Dearborn to grab a burger because EB is just around the corner!

In addition to the delicious food served at Elevation Burger I have to rave about the friendly service at the Ann Arbor location. While I was at EB I definitely felt the Midwest friendly vibe! The staff was exceptionally friendly, helpful, and caring. From asking about your day, to providing you with extra napkins, and taking your trays. This is why I love Ann Arbor and couldn't be happier that EB is open in my wonderful hometown. 

Nothing says summer fun like a burger! Head on over to Elevation Burger at 3365 Washtenaw Ave, Suite L, Ann Arbor, MI for a delicious burger, shake, and fries! In addition you can follow Elevation Burger Ann Arbor on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Happy Monday!

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