May 5, 2014

I, too, am a Terp

In the beginning of April I got an e-mail through the University of Maryland that a student was taking photos of fellow Terps for a capstone project inspired by The Race Card Project and I,too,am Harvard. I was curious and got in touch with Min Namkoong to learn more about her project and participate in it. Below you can read her words about this project and what led her to it:

"Inspired by "I,too, am Harvard" and "The Race Card Project," I worked on a project as part of the BSOS Global Scholars program at the University of Maryland, College Park. Many minority students face and stubble with the feelings that they do not belong to certain cultures because of their race or ethnicity. Minority groups are, oftentimes, perceived as almost second class citizens in some environments. The University of Maryland is one of the most diverse campuses in the nation. The university itself celebrates and promotes diversity. I was interested in the thoughts of students at UMCP about their experiences regarding their race or ethnicity."

I am fortunate to be able to participate in Min's project. I hope more campuses are inspired and take part in this project! Check out the rest of the photos from the project on Tumblr #itooamaterp

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