April 15, 2014

All Around The World

Today I wanted to share with you the gems I've bought on my travels. As mentioned in the travel wall post - my souvenir musts are jewelry & artwork when I travel. All these jewels I've bought have a special memory that goes along with them. The ring from Italy I bought in Venice from the Murano Glass Factory, the tulip ring from Istanbul is my all time favorite because my sister bought it for me while we were in Turkey, the bracelet from Spain my sister found for me after searching endlessly all of Barcelona for a Gaudí inspired bracelet, and the jade bracelet from St. Louis I purchased at the Missouri Botanical Garden. I have to say I love buying jewelry while I travel however all the credit goes to my sister because she has a great eye for finding unique pieces for me. One of the many reasons she is my number one travel buddy. 

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