March 20, 2014

Nowruz 2014 [1393]

Happy Nowruz! Nowruz is my favorite Persian holiday!!! I embrace all the traditions and love celebrating and spending time with family and friends. Nowruz literally translates to "new day" which marks the beginning of the new year in Iran and many other countries. Nowruz is celebrated on the first day of spring which is March 20. 

With the celebration of the New Year comes many traditions. One of these traditions is the Haft Seen table. Haft Seen translates to The Seven S's. The Haft Seen table includes items that begin with the letter S and symbolize various things. The traditional Haft Seen includes:

Sib [Apple] symbolizing beauty
Sonbol [Hyacinth] symbolizing fragrance
Serkeh [Vinegar] symbolizing old age and patience 
Senjed [Wild Olives] symbolizing love
Seer [Garlic] symbolizing medicine
Samanu [Wheat sprout pudding] symbolizing affluence 
Sekkeh [Coins] symbolizing wealth
Sumaq [Sumac] symbolizing the color of sunrise

Other symbolic items placed on the table are:

Sabzeh [Wheat, barley, or lentil sprouts growing in a dish] symbolizing rebirth
A gold fish to mark the the passage from Pisces to Aries 
A mirror to reflect the light of wisdom and creation
Candles to symbolize holy fire
Decorated eggs to represent fertility
A copy of the Quran or religious text to signify prayers

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