November 21, 2013

Jaleo & Max Brenner

As you already know I'm obsessed with José Andrés and his restaurants! Recently Jaleo opened up in Bethesda. 

This past weekend I had a lovely night in Bethesda with friends. We had Dinner at Jaleo and dessert at Max Brenner - they are literally walking distance from each other! 

At Jaleo I ordered Patatas Bravas [baby potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and alioli]

Rossejat [traditional paella of fried pasta with shrimp and calamari]

Dessert at Max Brenner was chocolate heaven. I ordered the Italian Thick Hot Chocolate which essentially was ganache! Extremely tasty and rich! 

Bethesda has many wonderful stores, restaurants, and cute streets to walk around. Jaleo & Max Brenner are just some of my favorites! 

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