September 1, 2013

Summer Round Up - Part 4

One of the main reasons I was not able to blog a lot this summer is because both my siblings and I were moving out of state. I feel like I have moved three times this summer! However having my siblings move comes with a huge perk of exploring new cities!

Little brother made a big move out to Northern California! I spent a couple days around the San Francisco area and visited some wonderful places!

In addition to moving and unpacking and building endless ikea furniture we did a lot of exploring. I have broken it down to what we did each day! 

Day 1

After the first day of moving we had dinner at Cooking Papa Restaurant. This is the view from the restaurant. It was a cute local restaurant with amazing food! We found this little gem by pulling out our smart phones and using yelp & urban spoon (we found many of our restaurants by using these apps!)

Day 2

We started out the day with lunch at Meykadeh in San Francisco. The food here is phenomenal! 

After lunch we walked over to Pier 39 and said hello to the lovely seals. 

Afterwards we went to chocolate heaven at Ghirardelli Square.

We burned some calories walking up and down Lombard St.

We drove over to Golden Gate Park and went to the Japanese Tea Garden for some zen time, tea, and edamame. 

My only mission while in San Francisco was to find the Magic Staircase. My obsession with these stairs began on Pinterest. I saw a pin of these tiles steps and was determined to find where they were. After many hours of googling I discovered that these steps were part of a community project in San Francisco. The steps are located on 16th Avenue between Noriega St & Moraga St. After climbing 163 steps the view at the top was breathtaking. 

We took a short drive over to Twin Peaks. It was rather windy up there - but the view was fantastic!

For dinner we yelped and found a lovely little Italian restaurant called Cinecitta. The owner was this adorable Italian lady. She was super nice and made you feel like you were having dinner at your Nana's house in Italy. Even when we finished our pizzas she didn't rush us at all to leave - similar to restaurants in Italy. 

Day 3

For a late lunch/early dinner we had Tacos & Burritos at La Taqueria in Mission district. The food was delicious!! Probably one of the best tacos I had! FYI It is a cash only place.

Afterward we headed to the Painted Ladies to relive our childhood memories of Full House. 

Then we drove over to the Golden Gate Bridge and took the typical tourist pictures of the bridge

Day 4

I started the day with breakfast Dottie's True Blue Cafe. I ordered the french toast which was divine!!!! The key is to go super early or else you have to stand in line forever! 

After breakfast I met up with a friend of mine who took me on a tour of all her favorite places. We started out at the Sutro Baths. I never heard of this place however I absolutely loved it! Apparently back in the day it was large privately owned swimming pools. It is a rather cool place and definitely worth visiting!

For lunch my friend took me to a couple of her favorite places to eat. The first stop was Burma Superstar. We ordered the Sesame Tofu and Coconut Rice. I cannot describe how AMAZING the food was! The sesame tofu tasted like candy and the rice - I could eat it forever! 

Afterward we drove around Oakland and stopped by Ike's Place. We got the Name of Girl I'm Dating sandwich that was avocado, chicken, honey mustard, and pepper jack. 

We grabbed our sandwiches and went up to Berkley and ate them at Panorama Way. The view was breathtaking! At the top you get a fabulous view of San Francisco, Oakland, Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito and everything in between!

Later that night I met up with another friend and went to Sushi at Tokie's.  

Day 5

The last meal I had in San Francisco was at Pat's Cafe [another place that was yelped]. I ordered the chocolate chip pancakes and went crazy with Nutella and fruit on it!

Before going to the airport we walked around Haight & Ashbury. All I have to say is that it was an interesting place. 

I'm a girl from the Midwest therefore I sometimes get overwhelmed in a big city. However San Francisco didn't make me feel that way at all! It is a great city with so much to do and discover! Since my brother is living out there I will be a frequent flyer and can't wait to go back and explore many more wonderful places!

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