August 29, 2013

Summer Round Up - Part 1

Hello All! It has been a quite a while since I've posted on my blog - yikes!
I have been caught up in all the summer fun that I refuse to stay in doors! I've done so much this summer that I have to share it with you all! Thankfully I have some downtime now and I can share all my adventures with you!

First fun adventure of the summer was touring the University of Michigan Stadium - aka the Big House! If you are a wolverines fan and want to explore the stadium this tour is a must! The tour gives you the opportunity to get an exclusive look at the press box, hall of fame, suites, locker room, and going on the field! You can get more information here

Now how did I end up experiencing this wonderful opportunity? By mooching off the fact that someone got this as a birthday gift for my little brother. Perks of being a sister to a sport fan/lunatic!

The guided tour starts with visiting the press box and visiting the suites.

Also get the opportunity to get up close and personal with Desmond Howard's Heisman Trophy.

A visit to the locker rooms are also included in the tour. 

The grand finale is the walk out to the stadium field. I got goosebumps walking out of the tunnel and onto the field. It was a pretty surreal moment. 

If you are a die hard Wolverines fan I definitely recommend going on this tour! It is also a fabulous gift for your favorite wolverine!! GO BLUE!

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