April 5, 2013

Istanbul - Day 3

Day 3 started out with a quest for a Trojan horse that ended in epic failure. Regardless first went to the Istanbul Archeological Museum. The Museum is included in the Museum Pass we purchased therefore we decided to check it out. The Archaeological Museum housed some pretty cool artifacts such as the Alexander SarcophagusThough it is called the Alexander Sarcophagus, in fact, it does not belong to Alexander the Great. According to the museum website it is thought to be the sarcophagus of Abdalonymus, the king of Sidon.The museum also had the Sarcophagus of the crying women as well as the Head of Sappho.

The serpent head of the bronze serpent column is on display at the museum. I was a little too excited to see the serpent head because the serpent is my Chinese Zodiac Sign. Doc rolled her eyes at me when I stated this fact - she's just jelly there was no bronze dog for her to take a picture with.

After the museum we hit the Grand Bazaar for some major shopping. Just as an FYI the bazaar is closed on Sundays and it is only open until 7pm. The Bazaar was huge! You can find everything there! We bought bowls, ceramic tiles, jewelry, plates, paintings, scarves and so much more. Between 6 girls we lost track of how much time we spent shopping - my uncle was extremely patient with us!

After all that shopping we had lunch at a cafe right outside the Bazaar, then went back to our hotel to unload all of our shopping bags. After a couple hours of resting we decided to have a girls night! First we had dessert at Hafiz Mustafa - honestly it is such a great place we couldn't go anywhere else! 

Afterwards we explored the streets of Istanbul, drank some Turkish coffee, and got some McDonald's for Doc. 

Oh and lets not forget Doc's friend who claimed that everyone says he looks like Mel Gibson - you can be the judge of that.

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