April 21, 2013

Iran - Day 6

This was our last day in the motherland.

First we had Breakfast at Niavaran Palace. It was our last family outing. Breakfast was delicious but most importantly we were surrounded by family. That makes all the difference. 

After breakfast we went about town to get some of our shopping done. I took pictures of random things that caught my eye - such as the honeycomb art display. 

After shopping we head back to the house to pack our bags. All six of the suitcases were packed to the brim. For some reason we always have a lot more stuff when we leave Iran - it may have been all the dried fruit I bought...maybe.

For our last dinner we went to Gilaneh. Counselor recommended this restaurant to us. The food was AMAZING. The cuisine at Gilaneh is from the north of Iran - where my mom is from. The food was dead on to traditional Northern food. We ordered a variety appetizer platter and for dinner we ordered the pomegranate marinated Kabob and pomegranate marinated chicken. Everything was delicious! 

I'm always torn leaving Iran. I don't want to leave my family but I'm thrilled to be going back home where there is Internet and I have access to basically everything! Traveling to Iran allows me to appreciate the things I'm blessed to have in my life such as peace of mind, freedom, and the ability to be who I am without anyone dictating my life. I love my fam bam and I'm counting down the days to see them again. 

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