April 14, 2013

Iran - Day 2

One of the many customs of the Persian New Year is visiting friends & family at their home to celebrate the new year - without notice. Literally you have to be prepared because at any given moment someone will just show up at your house!! It was rather entertaining because when someone would come over that we didn't know - the cousins would go run and hide in the bedrooms. Instead of keeping quite like normal people we would make so much noise that the guest and basically everyone in the house would hear us. My cousin Hesam entertained all of us with his lovely voice and his amazing guitar skills. My family is known for breaking into song and dance pretty much at any given time.

To keep ourselves entertained we decided to play a game of Mafia. My sister was the narrator [kad khoda] and took her role very seriously. My cousin Hesam decided it was not right for her to be the narrator without being married - therefore he volunteered as her husband. Thus began this ridiculous joke of Doc & Hesam being Hajji and Hajj Khanoom [Mr & Mrs]. For the next 48 hours they never broke out of character. Anyway the cousins deliberated and the first person we killed was my mother - who was very angry! Then we voted on killing my Aunt Katie - who said we are worthless nieces & nephews - but she was the Mafia thus the kids won! Let me add that this whole game had to be translated to Farsi - therefore it was highly entertaining and comical!

After lunch the gang packed up and we went to my Uncle Reza's house - and by gang I mean 17 people. We decided to surprise my Uncle Reza with the visit - boy was he surprised! He was actually in a state of shock. We had a ton of laughs, talked about old times, Doc & Hesam continued their roles and entertained all of us, and we took a bazillion pictures.

Afterwards we went back home and since it was my cousin Farzaneh's birthday we celebrated with more dancing!! 

The day basically consisted of goofing around, lots of dancing, games, having fun, and just being surrounded by family. Since it is very rare for us to ALL be around each other - when we are around each other we spend every waking minute together. 

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