December 29, 2012

Hawaii Chronicles - Day 23

We spent majority of today in Waikiki & downtown Honolulu. First thing in the morning we dropped off Lil Bro at Koko Crater Trail. Doc & I dared him to do the hike - however we did not accompany him because we were not about to subject ourselves to that torture again. Surprisingly he finished the hike in an hour - he claims to be an athlete. We made him take pictures once he reached the top to prove that he made it all the way. 

While Lil Bro was hiking the ladies did some shopping in Waikiki. Doc & I got some pretty jewels and we bought some yummy chocolate. 

Doc arranged for Mama to go on the Shangri La tour. She absolutely loved it! Ended up that the tour guide for my mom's tour group was an Iranian professor of Political Science at a university in Oahu. Mama said she was very knowledgeable and raved about her! 

While Mama was at Shangri La the siblings did some shopping at Ala Moana Center. We got Lil Bro some pineapple soft serve to congratulate him on finishing the death hike. 

For dinner we went Roy's in Waikiki. The food was excellent!!! I had my heart set on getting sushi this time. Both the rolls were AMAZING! I got the Frying Dragon & Spicy Rainbow. Doc got shrimp, Bro got salmon, and Mama got Mahi Mahi. All our dishes were incredible!

After dinner we walked over to the beach to catch the fireworks that were on display by the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Bach Resort. 

Tomorrow is the last day in Oahu for my brother and I therefore we are going to make the most of it!!!


  1. I just found this article authored by your mom's new friend!


  2. omg you went to Roy's again! and you found the mall w/the pineapple soft serve!

  3. YES we did! it is a very ritzy mall!!! B went to Old Navy and cleared the clearance rack out!



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