December 27, 2012

Hawaii Chronicles - Day 21

Today Doc & I played tour guide and took Mama & Bro around Kailua!

We started the day with Breakfast at Boots & Kimo's in Kailua! The crack pancakes were amazing as usual! Mama & Bro loved the pancakes to the point that my bro wanted to buy the sauce and take it back home with him!

Next we went to the Byodo-In Temple. It was rather busy compared to the last time Doc & I went. 

Later we headed to Diamond Head. Mama kept asking if it was a difficult hike or not. Doc & I may have downplayed it because we kept comparing it to Koko Crater. We neglected to tell her about the portion of the hike that involved stairs and tunnels but regardless she was a champ and made it all the way to the top!

After the hike we rewarded them with a trip to the Crack Seed Store for some icees and crack seed! We may have cleared the store out and bought tons of crack seed. The level of addiction my family has to dried fruit is not normal. 

Last stop of the day was Punchbowl. They were taking down the ceremonial stuff that was up for the memorial service for Senator Daniel Inouye that took place on Sunday.

Once we got back to the apartment I passed out however Doc, Mama, & Lil Bro discovered the pool at the apartment and went swimming! They had a blast! Later Doc took a nap - since she was going to work the night shift - and I went to the mall with Mama & Bro and did a little shopping. It was a jam packed fun day with the fam!

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