December 8, 2012

Hawaii Chronicles - Day 2

Friday December 7 marked the 71st anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Doc's apartment is literally five minutes from Pearl Harbor therefore I was jolted awake this morning by the sounds of the Hawaii Air National Guard F-22 fighter jets. Needless to say I clearly didn't go back to sleep and decided to wake up and start google-ing.

I am notorious for having detailed itineraries when I travel of all the sights/activities/restaurants and things I want to do while on my trip. I didn't have time to create an itinerary before I arrived to Hawaii thus I'm basically winging it. I started out on trip advisor and read about the top 20 things to do in Hawaii. Then I looked for events going on in Hawaii during the month of December. Apparently the Billabong Pipe Masters surfing competition is taking place in North Shore. However due to not large enough waves the competition was on hold! I subscribed to their Twitter/Facebook/Instagram updates and was dead set on finding out when it starts and going to the competition. More on this later!

I'm a big fan of all things pop culture and main stream and made two goals for myself when I came to Hawaii: 1) stalk the cast of Hunger Games since they are shooting in Hawaii and 2) Do all things President Obama does while he is in Hawaii. Goal one is a little difficult to execute because everything is super top secret when it comes to filming....however i have bot given up hope! Goal 2 was easy to gather intel on because anything Obama does is instantly written about. I discovered his favorite snow cone place - Island Snow in Kailua. When Doc came home from her shift I convinced her that we must go - even though it was on the opposite side of the Island. It was well worth the drive!! The staff was super friendly and helped us with our order since we were so overwhelmed with all the options. Doc ordered a fruity watermelon flavor snow cone and I got a coffee/coconut/pineapple flavor. 

With snow cones in hand we walked over to Kailua Beach and hung out for a while. All in all it was a great success - I was little apprehensive because I have a tendency to get us lost on out sisterly excursions (Florence, Miami, Madrid to name a few).

After out little field trip we picked up some sushi, came home and had a night in since we have to be up bright and early tomorrow morning to go to the Swamp Meet & Marketplace at Aloha Stadium! Fingers crossed tomorrow the Pipe Masters competition will begin in the AM and we will be heading to North Shore!! Also tomorrow night our dear friend/bestie/travel buddy is coming in from Maryland to stay with us for a couple days - it will be epic and I'm super excited!

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