December 25, 2012

Hawaii Chronicles - Day 19

They're here!!!!! Mama & Lil Bro have touched down in Hawaii!!!

We started the morning with breakfast at the Hau Tree Lanai in Honolulu. During the hike from hell that Doc & I took yesterday we met an awesome Canadian named Barney who told us about this place. He gave us some great suggestions for places to go and restaurants to try in Oahu. Hau Tree Lanai are famous for their Eggs Benedict & Poi pancakes. The restaurant is right on the beach and it is named after the ancient Hau tree that is in the middle. 

After breakfast we went to 'Iolani Palace. I was amazed by the access visitors are given at the palace. We pretty much got to roam around where we wanted to and we were allowed to take pictures! With the admissions ticket visitors are given an audio tour which is great because you learn about the history of the royal family, how they were overthrown, as well as the significance of all the various rooms in the palace. 

For Christmas Eve dinner we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center for a Luau dinner and show Ha Breath of Life. It was our first Luau experience! There was so much food! OhEmGee. We started eating from 5pm until the show started at 7:30pm! Even though Doc & I saw the show before while bestie was visiting - I felt that they hyped it up and added a couple scenes because it was Christmas Eve. Mama & Bro enjoyed the show and claimed to have enjoyed their first night in Hawaii!

Merry Christmas! Sending warm wishes to all of you this Christmas from Hawaii!

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