December 18, 2012

Hawaii Chronicles - Day 12

Today reminded me of the quote, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." Doc and I set out to North Shore with an itinerary that consisted of viewing the sea turtles, hiking to Waimea falls, going to the beach to soak up some sun, and eating dinner at the Poke Stop. All that got derailed thanks to our dear friend RAIN. 

On our drive up to the North Shore it was rainbow paradise! During our 45 minute drive there was constantly a rainbow in the sky. In Haleiwa we pulled over and took some pictures of all the pretty colors in the sky.

Next we went to go catch a glimpse of the Sea Turtles at Turtle Beach in Laniakea at North Shore. We were not so lucky because there were no turtles on the beach. We were able to view them in the water & occasionally they would poke their heads out. There was a lady who worked for an organization - not sure of the name - that gave some information about the sea turtles and suggested that we stand back to allow the sea turtles to have a way to enter the beach. However we were not lucky to see any turtles on the beach today - maybe next time.

We drove toward Waimea Falls to start our hike however it started raining. The information desk mentioned that since it has not rained in a while there was no water at the falls. But he was hopeful that the rain from today would be beneficial. He suggested that we save our money and not a pay an admission fee twice [because we plan on going back with Mama & Lil Bro when they come] since there was no water. He was very kind in telling us that at the gift shop they had admission tickets as stocking stuffers which you could purchase for $5 - regular admissions is $15. Thanks to him we saved over $50!! I LOVE employees that give insider info to guests - thanks awesome guy at Waimea Falls!! 

It continued to rain at North Shore therefore we did not go to the beach. We decided to head back to the apartment. I zonked out and had a siesta while Doc caught up with some computer work. 

Tomorrow is a big day for us and we are prepping for our adventure!! We have a jam packed day of activities & I can't wait to share all the things we do!

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