December 7, 2012

Hawaii Chronicles - Day 1

Aloha Hawaii!

I arrived in Honolulu and was greeted by Dr. B with a beautiful lei made of orchids & tuberose flowers that smelled divine! I brought some Nips for my sister because that's what she likes and I couldn't just show up empty handed!

We gathered all three of my suitcases [I have a tendency to over pack] and headed to Waikiki. It was a hot mess to find parking - but we finally did - and headed to Duke's for drinks. We thought getting there was hard but actually finding a table was even harder because it was open seating! Good luck finding a table at Duke's on a beautiful day around sunset. The Doc went to order drinks and I was busy scouting out the area and watching people like hawks to see who was leaving to make a run for their table - I was getting nowhere with that. Thanks to a random act of kindness - a lovely Australian couple noticed what I was up to and offered big sis and I to sit down at their table since they paid their tab and were just finishing up their drinks and about to leave. We chatted with them for a bit and then they were off. Doc insisted on me ordering some dinner [she's basically my second mom] so we dined on some waffle fries [my absolute favorite], Caesar salad with Mahi Mahi, and spinach goat cheese pizza. The food was absolutely delicious! My Mahi Mahi basically tasted like chicken and the pizza was divine. 

After our lovely meal we decided to pay it forward and offered our table to a couple who was roaming around looking for seats. They were an adorable couple from Colorado who will actually be out in MI in January to help their daughter move because she is starting law school in Lansing - talk about a small world!! 

After Duke's we roamed the streets that were heavily drenched in Christmas decorations - seriously it was a bit too overwhelming. I just can't imagine it being Christmas in 80 degree weather! We stopped by Honolulu Coffee and Doc had an espresso while I devoured a blueberry macaroon while we people watched - Doc did the watching and I just spoke loudly and said ridiculous things as people looked at me funny and probably thought I was whack. 

Once we got home Doc told me to make myself at home and I took it literally and started unpacking all three of my suitcases instantly. All in all it was a great first night in Hawaii! 

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